William & Mary has the highest median income and the lowest proportion of Pell Grant students of all public colleges in the country. As seen with the most recent US News & World Report Rankings (2020), “social mobility” is not currently our strength as an institution.

We want to change this– FGLI Students of William & Mary will provide support, programming, and community to this special group of students. While we don’t have the ability to enroll more first-generation/low-income college students, this group *does* have the ability to provide much needed support to these students at William & Mary.

FGLI (First-gen, low-income) students of William & Mary will be putting together an application to become a recognized student organization for academic year 19-20, but we can’t wait another year to begin providing support to our FGLI students. This year will be spent organizing and scaling support efforts within the small but vibrant FGLI community and raising awareness across campus that this student population exists. Tribefunding would fill a big and unmet need for funding this year. Our students are eager to begin and Tribefunding will allow us to do exactly that.